Four Ways To Make A Rustic Barn Door Stand Out

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Four Ways To Make A Rustic Barn Door Stand Out

22 June 2018
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Rustic barn doors have become widely popular in American homes. The right door can transform the look of your bathroom or kitchen, drawing in a natural look. The downfall of rustic barn doors is that they can all start to look about the same after a while! Nobody wants their home to feel mundane, so how do you take advantage of the awesome look of rustic barn doors while also making your door stand out? Here are four ideas.

1. Paint a few panels.

The beauty of rustic barn doors lies in the fact that they're made from natural wood. However, the wood's beauty can still shine through if portions of the door are painted. Choose a paint color that you used elsewhere in your home. Perhaps you could use the color of the baseboard or the floor. Paint just a few panels of the rustic barn door with this color. (Tape off the edges of the panel so you get straight, even lines.) This will give the door a sort of artistic, modern look. 

2. Stencil the top of the door.

Stenciling is often thought of as an outdated craft, but it does have a lovely, country-like appeal. If you would like your door to stand out without sacrificing its country appeal, find a cute stencil with a few flourishes or flowers, and stencil an emblem at the top of the door. You can use plain, black stencil paint for a neutral look. White paint makes for a lighter, airier feel if that's what you prefer.

3. Use a darker stain on parts of the door.

Most rustic barn doors are either left natural or are stained a light color. Staining the whole door dark may take away from its appeal, but what if you just stain a few panels darker? You'll create a door with a lot of unique texture and an eye-catching, two-toned look. This is easiest to do before you hang the door up. Applying stain with the door in place may cause it to drip down and spread onto parts you did not want to stain.

4. Choose unique hardware.

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to make your barn door stand out is to use unique hardware. You can find some very ornate, old-fashioned iron hardware and hinges that would give your door an old-time appeal. New hardware made from nickle or polished steel will create a more modern look.

Rustic barn doors offered by companies such as 2 V Custom Doors and Rustic Designs can be gorgeous, but don't let yours fall into the trap of being boring. Liven it up with one or more of the ideas above.

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