Just Had Your Automatic Doors Repaired? Maintenance Tips To Keep Them Working

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Just Had Your Automatic Doors Repaired? Maintenance Tips To Keep Them Working

9 May 2019
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If you just had your automatic doors repaired by a professional, you want to do everything you can to keep the doors working. In order to do this, you need to learn the right type of maintenance for the doors. Below is more information about this so you can keep your automatic doors working.

Start with Basic Maintenance

For basic maintenance, contact American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM) to come to your site to provide maintenance for your doors. During the maintenance they will thoroughly inspect the doors for any problems. While inspecting, the contractor will check the door components to ensure the components meet the manufacturer's standards.

The contractor will open and close the doors repeatedly for a few minutes to check the speeds. They will also inspect the door sensors, gears, belts, pivots, and the guide rails. The contractor will also check the glass for any type of problems, such as small cracks. If any is found the glass will be replaced to prevent injury.

All parts will be lubricated as needed. If any parts are found to have problems, the contractor will remove the part and try to repair it onsite. If they are not able to repair the part, it will be replaced with a new part.

Continue with Full Service Maintenance

Along with basic maintenance there is full service maintenance also. With this, the contractor will come back to your site after a certain amount of time to provide maintenance. For example, they may come once a year or once every six months. How much this is will depend on how much the doors are used each day.

During full service maintenance the contractor will check the sensors. To do this, they will walk slowly up to the door to determine if the door opens when it should. The door should also open smoothly. The contractor will also check the opening mat. IN order to do this, they will stop on the mat to see if the door automatically opens correctly. The contractor will step on different areas of the mat to ensure that no matter where they step the door will open. The contractor will check the condition of the mat itself. If it looks worn the mat will need to be replaced.

Some parts may be replaced automatically if they are at a certain age to prevent the doors from breaking down. The contractor will keep records of the maintenance that they do, parts that are replaced, or parts that are repaired. This way they will know what they should do on their next maintenance trip.

Talk with the automatic door repair company that you hire to learn much more about your doors.

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