5 Reasons To Go With A Frameless Shower Door

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5 Reasons To Go With A Frameless Shower Door

29 July 2020
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If you are in the process of remodeling your bathroom, as you design the shower area, be sure to consider a frameless shower door. A frameless shower door offers many benefits to your overall bathroom design and should make its way into your final remodeling plans.

Reason #1: Make Your Bathroom Appear Larger

Bathrooms are highly used rooms in most homes; however, most bathrooms are not that big! If your bathroom is on the smaller side, putting in a glass frameless door will help make your bathroom feel larger.

When your shower area is not cut off from the rest of the bathroom, and you can visually look through your shower, your bathroom space will appear larger, no matter the actual square footage of your bathroom.

Reason #2: Give Your Bathroom an Open Feeling

Not only does a glass shower door make your bathroom appear larger, but it can also make your bathroom feel more open.

When you don't put up a door or shower curtain for your shower area, and you instead allow the eye and light to spread freely throughout your bathroom, your bathroom space is going to have an overall more open feeling to it.

Reason #3: Use More Natural Light

With a regular shower, where you have a shower curtain or thick door on the shower, the light from your bathroom is cut off. This can make your shower a little bit of a dark place if you don't install lighting above your shower.

With a frameless glass shower door, the light from the rest of your bathroom can flow through your shower. You can also add a window or two at the top of the wall in the shower, up-high, to allow in natural light that will flow into the shower area and into the rest of the bathroom as well.

Reason #4: Show Off Your Tile

With a frameless glass shower door, all that beautiful tile you invested in for your shower area is not hidden away, only for you to see when you take a shower.

With a glass shower door, anyone who walks into your bathroom will be able to see the beautiful tile work in your shower. This will allow you to expand the aesthetic and visual appeal of your bathroom into your shower area.

As you work on the redesign for your bathroom, be sure to consider using a frameless glass shower door. A frameless glass shower door will give your bathroom an open feeling and allow for light to flow more freely through the bathroom space. 

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