Are Custom Shower Doors Worth The Price?

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Are Custom Shower Doors Worth The Price?

29 December 2021
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You need to think about an assortment of aspects when engaging in a bathroom remodel. From the flooring to the vanity and even the shower enclosure, making sure that the changes you make to these elements are harmonious is fundamental for a cohesive renovation. Yet, even though homeowners will use their shower doors each time they step into the shower enclosure, not many of them will consider revamping these doors as part of their remodel. In fact, shower doors are usually left neglected until they need repairs or replacement. But why should you settle for a mass-produced door when you can upgrade your shower enclosure with a custom shower door? Admittedly, custom shower doors are not cheap. However, keep reading to learn the qualities of custom shower doors that justify their price tag.

Custom shower doors are available in a selection of stylish options

Standard shower doors tend to all look the same, and this is because they are designed with the same style in mind. While you may have the option to choose between the framed or frameless shower doors, you will typically find that these doors will come with frosted glass and a typical handle. If you have customized your shower enclosure with unique motifs or have chosen tempered glass with a varying opacity from mass-market enclosures, you will find that a regular shower door detracts from these improvements. The best solution to enhance your bathroom remodel would be to invest in a custom shower door that matches the aesthetic of the enclosure so that the door will appear to be a seamless part of the shower.

Custom shower doors provide maximum functionality

The second reason why custom shower doors are worth their price tag is that you have the opportunity to integrate as many specifications as you want that will make the most of their functionality. You could be wondering how this can be accomplished but the reality is that you will be surprised at just how minor changes could alter the overall performance of the shower door. For example, if you or one of your loved ones has mobility challenges, you can choose to have the door handle outfitted lower than normal, making it easier to access. On the other hand, if water leaks are a constant issue you battle with when you take a shower, you can have the custom shower door outfitted to lie flush against the floor, creating an impermeable barrier when it is shut. Alternatively, rather than having the shower door swing open outward as its mass-market counterparts do, you could choose a pivot hinge that allows it to open both inward and outward.

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