Guidelines To Follow When Completing A Commercial Overhead Door Install

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Guidelines To Follow When Completing A Commercial Overhead Door Install

3 August 2022
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A lot of commercial properties have overhead doors because they are durable and facilitate high-traffic areas. If you need to install a new overhead door on your commercial property, be sure to follow these guidelines.

Hire a Professional Company To Support the Door's Size and Weight

One thing to note about commercial overhead doors is they are very big and thus probably weigh a lot. You won't be able to handle all this weight by yourself. Instead, you'll need to hire a professional overhead door installer because they'll have the right equipment and a team of professionals.

They'll all work together to support this large overhead door until it's property secured to the track system and can remain secure on its own. Thanks to their oversight and assistance, you won't risk getting injured or damaging the overhead door at any point when getting it in place.

Make Sure Track is Lined up Properly

The component that your commercial overhead door will travel along is the track much like what traditional garage doors move along for homes. You need to make sure this track is lined up properly before attempting to place an overhead door on it. This will ensure movement remains smooth and safe long-term.

You'll want to take measurements when planning to place the track component and mark off its target setup location. Then you'll know exactly where to place this track before securing fasteners to it that keep it from moving. 

Confirm Optimal Movement at the End

Once you have a commercial overhead door set up on your property and all of the appropriate hardware are in the correct positions, you need to test the movement of this door and confirm it's optimal. If it's not, then you know you need to rethink this installation before using the overhead door on a regular basis. This will keep accidents and door damage from happening.

Activate the overhead door to make sure movement is smooth and doesn't create excessive noise. If any of these problems are present, hire an overhead door installer or repair contractor to see what you may have overlooked.

If you just purchased an overhead door for your commercial property, make sure you maximize this investment by planning out its installation carefully. If you review major parts, look at installation guidelines, and get professional help, you can do a better job at getting this large door into position.  For more information on commercial overhead door installation, contact a professional near you.

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